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The Director



Once a drummer in high school bands in a small city of the French Alps, Mathis Moretti began his foray into DJing in 2019. Having performed at many clubs, festivals and underground events, he counts hundreds of gigs under his name. After years of research and collecting vintage gear, he cemented a unique sound, directly inspired by 90s House / French Touch. Strongly influenced by rock and disco, Mathis focuses with great detail into giving his music a feeling of authenticity that he finds missing in today’s charts, embracing happy mistakes and the spontaneous aspect of recording his music live.

As a cinema lover, he later introduced a character "The Director" a wannabe superstar/total loser film director from the 80s, as a way to quietly mock today’s music scene, more focused on likes and numbers than the art of music making in his opinion. Linking cinematography concepts with music production, he also promotes his music through promotional videos he produces, directs, and stars in.

With a dedication to crafting a project that breaks the mold, The Director's unique way of doing things allowed him to get plays and share the stage with industry leaders like Barry Can't Swim, Black Loops, Claptone, Dan Shake, Dombresky, Ian Pooley, Mr. Oizo, ... ; and festivals/medias such as BBC One Radio, Pacha Ibiza, Radio FG, Tomorrowland...

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