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Be part of the myth

Calling all winter warriors! This season, we're going all out from January 13 to February 5, 2022.

Let go your Igloosapien

Wondering what the dresscode is? We have some ideas for you.

  1. Cold weather fashionista, party in style. You flash with your love of polyester and your neon one-piece.

  2. Party animal, take out your coat worthy of your grandmother's wardrobe and your flashy accessories. You're gonna turn heads and start the party.

  3. Nordic rider, put on your furry helmet and your Canadian tuxedo. Need to warm up? Just stall a couple of ski shots.

  4. Winter Warrior, gear up for the evening. You come into battle with your balaclava and your outdoor outfit, so nothing will prevent you from enjoying the best beats.

See you at the Old Port

True to its legacy, the abominable snow gang will gather in large numbers at the usual spot in the Old Port of Montréal to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the festival.

Get to the Old Port

We are back in 2022!

The coldest music festival in the world is finally back in the Old Port of Montréal this winter! Come warm up with us on our dance floor to the rhythm of the best beats in town. We expect to have the hottest party of our lives!

We also thought that since we are making our big comeback and celebrating our 15th anniversary, we would also get a makeover! It's no secret that Igloofest 2022 promises to be completely crazy.

Check out the lineup

Until then...

Tap into some winter tunes

From our hibernating archives to your ears, it's never too early to join this party. Techno classics, progressive crowd favourites and a side of hip-hop royalty, this mix has it all to jump into the igloomood no matter your groove.

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Friendly yeti tip... don't miss out

Get the deets on this year's lineup.