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Passes & Tickets

General admission

From $42.50

  • Access to the event of your choice, on the coolest dance floor in the world (Sapporo Stage and Videotron Stage)
  • Igloovillage
  • Selection of bars
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VIP Ticket

From $72.50

  • Fast entry to the site
  • Exclusive terrace
  • Heated bathrooms
  • Breathtaking view of the stage
  • Bottle service options
  • Heated indoor spaces
  • Access to the coldest dancefloor in the world
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From $200.00

  • Access to our 12 Igloofest Montreal events (General Admission)


Après Ski

From $13.05

  • Access to the Après Ski event of your choice (General Admission)
  • 5$ off with an Igloofest ticket


Purchasing passes and tickets

  • How does it work if I want to purchase a tickets?

    Sign up for our newsletter here to be the first to receive information. You can also access the general sale on our website here.

  • How do I get my pass or ticket?

    Igloopass and individual tickets can be bought in advance, with a confirmation via e-mail. From there, download them to your smartphone to scan them on site.

    We only accept tickets bough on Igloofest's ticketing website.

    Ticketing right this way!

  • Can I get a refund?

    Ticket sales are final. However, events remain subject to postponement or cancellation (with reimbursement) depending on the capacity authorized on our site by Public Health or the evolution of health measures in Quebec.

  • How much will individual tickets cost?

    Tickets are being sold in progressive tiers to allow us to offer tickets at the best prices to our early birds. Hurry if you want to pay for your ticket at the best price.

  • So I won't get a physical Igloopass?

    Exactly. You’ll have to present your digital Igloopass as well as photo ID for each event to come in.

  • What does my Igloofest pass give me access to?

    Your Igloofest pass gives you access to all 12 events from our Montreal 2024 edition! It allows you to save on each event with its advantageous price.

  • Can I lend my Igloopass to a friend?

    You can't. The Igloopass is individual and nominal. It must be accompanied by a photo ID at the entrance.

  • What does my VIP ticket give me access to?
    • Fast entry to the site
    • Bottle service
    • Exclusive terrace with heated bathrooms
    • Breathtaking view of the stage
    • Heated indoor spaces

    For all bottle service inquiries :

  • What's the difference between General Admission and the VIP experience?

    What is the difference between the general admission experience and the VIP experience?

    The general admission experience includes:

    • Access for the chosen evening to the coldest dancefloor in the world, Sapporo Stage and Videotron Stage
    • Igloovillage
    • Selection of bars

    In addition to what is included in general admission, the VIP experience includes:

    • Fast entry to the site
    • Exclusive terrace
    • Heated bathrooms
    • Breathtaking view of the main stage
    • Heated indoor space
    • Bottle service options
  • What payment options are available online?

    Our online box office accepts Visa and Mastercard. Unfortunately, prepaid cards and Visa Debit cards are not yet accessible on our platform. We are currently working on adding these payment options.

  • Are tickets available at the door?

    Absolutely, if the event isn't sold out yet. 

  • I'm having trouble purchasing tickets online, help!

    In most cases, incomplete transactions are due to incorrect billing addresses. Make sure that the address linked to your credit card is the same one you use for the transaction. (If you moved to a new address, it might be different than your current one.)

  • My purchase didn't work, but the transaction appears on my credit card statement. Why is that?

    No worries, the transaction is temporary (usually awaiting authorization). It will be removed within 5-6 business days. Still there a week later? Write us at We’ll be happy to help.

  • I can't find my ticket in my e-mail. What do I do?

    Check your spam folder. Still not there? Up until the day of the event, write us at and we’ll gladly send you your ticket. If it’s the day of the event, visit customer service on site with the credit card used for the transaction, and photo ID.

  • How can I buy an Igloopass?

    Igloopasses for 2024 are sold out!

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