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You love winter? We're hiring you!

All jokes aside, we've got a few positions open for Igloofest Montreal. The coldest music festival in the world wants YOU to apply for these jobs! ;)

Open positions

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  1. You are the first person the festival-goers have the chance to see. You must : direct, inform and check the access rights of festival-goers. Bring out your best smile (even under your mask) ;)

  2. Cleaning has no secrets for you? This is the ideal position ;) The maintenance agent makes sure to respect the general cleanliness standards on the site!

  3. The safety of everyone on site is super important to us! The security agent makes sure to provide a safe place for festival-goers and for his colleagues. * Security permit issued by the BSP mandatory.

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  1. Assembly and dismantling of installations and equipment.

  2. Operation of machinery. * Mandatory machinery license

  3. Manufacture of structures, furniture, decorations and repairs.

  4. Versatile person ensuring the proper functioning of a show, whether in terms of sound, lighting or videos.

  5. You like winter, working out but not the gym? This position's for you!

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  1. Position that consists of keeping track of all products and equipment assigned to the bars. You have to be meticulous and enjoy teamwork.

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