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You love winter? We're hiring you!

All jokes aside, we've got a few positions open for Igloofest Montreal. The coldest music festival in the world wants YOU to apply for these jobs! ;)

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Available positions ↓

  1. You are the first person the festival-goers have the chance to see. You must : direct, inform and check the access rights of festival-goers. Bring out your best smile (even under your mask) ;)

  2. Cleaning has no secrets for you? This is the ideal position ;) The maintenance agent makes sure to respect the general cleanliness standards on the site!

  3. Your job is to have AND give fun at Igloofest! ;)


Available positions 

  1. Assembly and dismantling of installations and equipment.

  2. Operation of machinery. * Mandatory machinery license

  3. Manufacture of structures, furniture, decorations and repairs.

  4. Versatile person ensuring the proper functioning of a show, whether in terms of sound, lighting or videos.

  5. You like winter, working out but not the gym? This position's for you!


Available position ↓

  1. BSP permit mandatory

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