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So many of you to posed in front of the camera for a Caribooth photo, all decorated, embellished, decked out in your finest accessories and costumes. Working with the themes of futuro-neon, igloozoo, cottage and “white as snow”, you revealed your "iglooswag" as a hidden talent.

Here are the 12 finalists who have a chance to win an all-inclusive trip south, courtesy of Sunwing Airlines.

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Seriously, congratulations to all of you. You guys were generous, and it's fun to see our little contest taken so seriously. SO good. The time has come to announce the Grand Prize Winner for the 2015 edition.

Ah, but before, it might be necessary to clarify the sole and ultimate criterion on which the finalists were evaluated. It’s pretty simple: their "Iglooswag" in all its glory. Because in the end, that's just what counts.

After hours of deliberation, the judges have decided. Gaëlle Lachapelle wins! CLAP CLAP CLAP BRAVO! Well deserved. We're jealous. A small.

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Let’s do it again next year with more wacky themes. As Laetitia says, hasta baribo!

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