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IGLOOFLASH | WE 1 (JANUARY 18,19,20 2018)

IGLOOFLASH #1 ❄️  You missed the biggest opening night that Igloofest has known so far? Dive into with Sophie B.T. and our Yetis!
DJs : Kaytranada, Kiddy Smile, Voyage Funkastique, Green & LaTeez b2b Paskal Daze
VJs :  Kaytranada's visuals, Push 1 Stop, Tetsouille, Baya

IGLOOFLASH #2 ❄️  Let Alexandre Laganière show you what Igloofest is about! 🤙
DJs : Petit Biscuit, Medasin, Honeydrip, Ouri, Frankie Teardrop, Willow Bell
VJs : Petit Biscuit's visuals, Myriam Boucher, Boycott, LLL, Melesul3, Data Dada

IGLOOFLASH #3 ❄️  Dive into Igloofest with Diandra Grandchamps! 💃
Djs : Bonobo (Dj Set), Tokimonsta, Jaymie Silk, Vilify, Deadboy, the Shah
VJs : Binocle, Hugues Clément, O\\\, Push 1 Stop, Myriam Boucher, Création Ex-Nihilo

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