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Here at Igloofest, we love building bridges with other amazing events and organisations! (Hello there, friends at Hivernales and at the 375th ☺)

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve gotten all buddy-buddy with the Barbegazi gang

First, they’ll be at Igloofest during our first weekend to challenge festival-goers to an arm-wrestling competition. That’s all we’re going to say. You’ve got to come by to live the experience yourself!

Barbegazi, what’s that, you say? It's a complete urban immersion experience, with street cars, urban lounges, lumberjack games and a giant, technological obstacle course. The event takes place as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebration, from January 6th to 8th and 13th to 15th 2017 at Clark Island in Montreal’s “Quartier des spectacles” entertainment district. The Facebook event is HERE.

By participating in BARBEGAZI’s various activities, you’ll win points on an RFID bracelet, and these points can be traded for BARBEGAZI merch’! Ain’t that something?

By BARBEGAZI merchandise on we mean, among other things Igloofest gift packs including VIP packages, IGLOO4X packages and pairs of tickets!

And that’s not all: in the evening, the party gets even bigger in their heated Igloo (AKA The Refuge). There’s even an Igloofest bar and we’re bringing the music:

January 6th
5PM - Killa Jewel
7PM - Fonkynson

January 7th
5PM - Walla P
7PM - Mr Touré

Happy 375th and see you at Igloofest. OH YEAH!

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