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IGLOOFEST 2020 | VJ line-up

Our 2020 VJ line-up is finally out! Take a look up, it's pleasing to the eye (and to the ears). 🤯

📼 Baillat Studio, Bewoy, Binocle, VJ BunBun, Cafrine, Creation Ex NihiloDiagraf, Hugues Clément, Jaxamuse, Johnny Ranger, Kitana, LLL, Maylee Keo, Myriam Boucher, Neno, O\\\, Oli Sorenson, Remoz, Sebastien Samyn, Rémi Vincent aka. TetsouilleTIND ::, Video Girl, Vincent Raineri, VINO, Yanneek, Zab Laf.

🎧 CRi - Initial

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