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VILIFY (Ohm Resistance / Eclectique / Last Planet)

Founder and long-time resident of one of Canada’s longest running and most prolific bass music nights: ‘Bass Drive Wednesdays’ VILIFY set a strong foundation before relocating to Berlin in 2014.
With deep roots in Toronto’s vibrant Jungle & Drum’n’Bass scene (alongside classical, opera and metal influences at home) VILIFY continues to take the listener on an unexpected journey, seamlessly mixing various genres and energy.?Having toured much of the world, releasing a deep and ever growing catalogue of production (including recent vinyl release of LP ‘Illusion of Self’ out on Ohm Resistance) as well as over 100 hours of both live and studio mixes online, VILIFY continues to expand and explore musical bliss.
?(Of, between and beyond: jungle, old school jungle, garage, grime, hip hop, trip hop, dubstep, DNB, raggacore, dub, IDM, dancehall, etc.)?Genre is a Social Construct.

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Live @ Piknic Electronic

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