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Vie Sauvage


The French term “Vie Sauvage'' corresponds to all free and undomesticated forms of life. Just like every living being on this planet, each one has its own way of communicating, meeting their needs, and surviving. Music is one of the many ways in which we communicate.

Véronique's deep respect for nature and animals plus her experimentation of different styles and sounds in the past decade have contributed to the unique sound signature that defines her work today. The artist seems to have gained valuable experience from participating in a diverse range of events, including festivals, private raves, after-hours and clubs. This has given her a broad understanding of the current musical landscape.

Vie Sauvage developed a versatile sound that combines progressive and organic elements with house-inspired grooves and melodies. Her DJ-sets are known for their authentic, warm, and textured energy, as well as her ability to create captivating musical narratives that take listeners on a journey through a range of immersive and often deep frequencies.

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