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Stefny Winter



Californian, Stefny Winter a transplant to New York City and now residing in Montreal, is a DJ from the mid 90‘s who has patiently made her way in the production world. With releases on Siteholder, Contexterrior, Archipel and Caduceus Records, she found what is uniquely hers. Her most influential musical loves evolved through the years, beginning with early 90s Jungle and Chicago house which then evolved to a pure love for Detroit and Minimal Techno.

When she moved to NYC she became involved with multiple projects. These projects included; a residency at Direct Drive, becoming part of the all female collective called “Sister” which they did events around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami’s WMC. She also helped out with a radio show called “Jeannie Hopper’s ‘Liquid Sound Lounge’” on WBAI.

As for her production side, while experimenting with recordings of her son and her own vocals, she remains true to herself musically and, much like an evolving cloud flowing through the atmosphere, she can never be pinned down with specific definitions. When Stefny is making music she always finds a method to impregnate her sounds with her personality and soul. Stefny increased her momentum with her first release in 2005, a remix on San Francisco’s “Hector Works”, followed by a number of further remixes. In 2007 she released her debut EP called “Radiolaria” on New York’s “Addon”. In 2008 she released “Migratory Insertion” on Montreal’s Archipel Musique which was followed by “Speakeasy” released on Berlin’s Contexterrior. For 2010 she released the “I Live In Spandex EP” on Siteholder. In 2011 she released her debut album “Wind Walker” on Archipel of which one of the tracks “When The Rain Fell” was licensed to Joris Voorn vs. Cassy “Cocoon Heroes” mix CD. Her latest EP “Dancing On Matter” appears on Switzerland’s Caduceus records.

Over the last frequent years Stefny has performed at the renowned Bunker in New York City, Resolute in New York City & Detroit, Montreal’s Piknic Electronik & Igloofest, as well as numerous additional events in North America. On the international front she has toured Japan, Germany and most notably played at Fabric in London, United Kingdom.

There was an increase in musical requests during 2010. She created a number of remixes for labels including: Soma, Adjunct, SiteHolder, Klectik and Smut. Her most cherished work was for an Italian label called “Opilec Music” for whom she furnished a remix of The Units’ “Run” which was featured on a special triple CD compilation entitled “Connections”. Stefny’s most recent remix is of Platypus’ “Argyle” which appears on Thoughtless Music.

2012 saw Stefny’s live performance debut which took place in July at Resolute’s NYC and performed at Mutek in 2013.

Always keeping healthily busy, she has multiple projects; One being, Isoteric which is based on DnB, house and electronica the other being a duo live set as SWACK (stefny winter and claire kenway). In the beginning of 2013 Stefny has launched a non-profit record label – Goodnight Moon Recordings – where proceeds are donated to The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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