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It’s now been 7 years that Point-Barre-Barre-Barre, AKA Philip Gagnon, is a VJ and a conceptual artist. Even if he prefers old and crappy buildings, he regularly plays at the Salon Daomé. To make it quick : he played in a lot of places around Quebec and is now resident VJ at Kontrast Montreal. In VJing, he researches “the value of failure” through DIY electronic circuits, VHS and low-tech computers. The obsolescence, the glitch, the mistake, the ugly and the silly are his esthetic tools. Point-Barre-Barre-Barre likes to play with the limits of what can be found in a club. Get ready for a colourful mix of Teletubbies, Titanic, Alien, Son-Goku and Calinours blended with obscure VHSs and family memories found in a flea market. The authorship isn’t ready.

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