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Born in Iran with roots in the Canadian dance music scene, Nostalgix is theepitome of a triple-threat in the industry. As a producer, writer, and rapper,Nostalgix incorporates spunky charm and a '90s edge into her signature soundthrough thunderous basslines and electrifying beats. Nostalgix and herunmistakable style appear on leading dance music labels, including Night Bass,Confession, Thrive Music, Insomniac Records, UKF, and many more.
Stepping onto the scene as a modern-day iteration of the ‘90s ‘It Girl,’ Nostalgix iscommitted to building a positive, loving environment in dance music. With asound that continues to travel far and wide, Nostalgix has performed on theworld’s most coveted stages in dance music, including EDC Las Vegas, HARDSummer, Beyond Wonderland, Spring Awakening, and more.
Though she has demonstrated a steady rise since her debut, 2022 was a pivotalyear for Nostalgix: hit singles such as “My Type” on Night Bass and “Badman” on Thrive Music kicked offthe year while she embarked on a handful of NorthAmerican tours alongside dance music leaders Tchami, AC Slater, Malaa, andmore. That same year, Nostalgix made history as one of the few female acts toperform the mainstage at EDC Las Vegas. Shattering glass ceilings and speakersall around, Nostalgix is an unstoppable force in the modern dance scene.

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