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As a Montreal-bred musician, Sara Magnan, a.k.a. Magnanime, takes inspiration from the people, places, and happenings she experiences in her cosmopolitan setting. Her music is a constant reinvention and metamorphosis of her deep musical spring that grazes her personal essence, the socio-political and environmental influences, and manifests into a dance music experience that seeks to exchange with the audience. With swing, contradiction and constant groove roofing her house, she is a soul-mama that takes the dancefloor on a psychedelic journey.

Her live performances have set the dance floors of festivals such as Mutek, Off Movement, Piknic Electronik, and many more afire. As a female pioneer in the Montreal experimental techno house scene, in 2015 she released her first 12” EP Don’t Wait For Me on the Chicago-based label Siteholder records with remixes from Akufen and Brian Ffar. She since has been part of releases such as The Fable, a double-vinyl compilation on Klangscheiben, and she was also part of the Horror Inc Remixed compilation with Brandt Brauer Frick , Dimbiman and Stephen Beaupré on Perlon 106.

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