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Gene Tellem


Whether taking centre stage as a DJ, party co-creator or producer, Gene Tellem communicates her own style of tweaked soul music through house and techno scripts, dedicating her productions to grooves for both nodding heads and wiggling bodies. Her productions are inspired by the reverie and energy of electronic dance events, infused with the rhythms, melodies, movements and collective emotions of the live underground club experience. She debuted with Who Says No, on Patrick Holland and Sebastian Cowan's Sounds of Beaubien Ouest (SOBO) label. Her follow-up EP, Untitled was released on Wolf Music. A now seasoned conductor of vibes, Gene Tellem created her own imprint in 2019, Bienvenue Recordings, on which she released The Inner Dance EP as a debut release for the label.
2021 started with a freshly new outing on Wolf Music, Mind Reader. Exuding all the hallmarks of a classic sonic digger, Gene Tellem always references the lush-leaning, groove-laden houses-of-the-past in her sound, with another ear keenly tuned to the progressions and peculiarities of genre-blending that defines our present.

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