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Sustainable development

Our eco-responsible vision

About Gestevert

Born in 2009, the Gestevert initiative aims to continuously apply our sustainable development policy so that our commitments are the key to our success, in all events signed by Gestev.

We have resolved to join forces with our partners to think, enact, and promote ever greener, more supportive, and more responsible actions in a creative and dynamic way.

Our goals are based on the standards of the responsible event management standard of the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ) and on the major advancements in the local and international industry.

Our mission

To offer a unique, festive, outdoor experience

  • Our mission
    • To minimize the environmental impacts of the festival and reduce our ecological footprint;
    • To raise awareness among our audience about eco-responsible behaviors;
    • To inform and educate the public about our sustainable development actions; 
    • To offer our involvement within the community of the City of Quebec; 
    • To act positively in support of a sustainable economy.
  • Our strategic directions
    • To think, enact, and promote ever greener actions with the help of our partners;
    • To act in a supportive and responsible manner in a creative and dynamic way;
    • To continuously minimize our environmental impacts while increasing our socio-economic benefits for the Quebec region.
  • Green and sustainable initiatives

    Implementing a large-scale sustainable festival such as Igloofest involves a combination of eco-responsible initiatives aimed at minimizing the environmental impacts of the festival on the natural environment that hosts the event.

    • Reusable and refundable beverage containers: In partnership with Éco-cup and Consignaction, Igloofest is committed to eliminating the use of single-use containers at the event site; 
    • Waste management: We provide a site with dedicated stations for proper waste management, aiming for 100% sorting of post-event waste; 
    • Source reduction: Only digital general admission tickets are provided; 
    • Food: Local food suppliers are used; 
    • Accessibility: The festival provides a site accessible via public transportation and encourages attendees to use this mode of transport; 
    • Continuous improvement: Conducting a post-event evaluation to improve sustainable development practices, social responsibility, or responsible event management for future editions.