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Iglooswag 2024 themes

Our mythical Iglooswag contest presented by Poppers is back once again this winter! 🕺

WEEKEND #1 : 20's 🥂

Retro, glamorous, the clothing style of the 20s exudes chic and luxury in abundance, with outfits that shine brightly for women, jewelry, dresses and flashy accessories. Chic and elegant, men of the 1920s mainly wore suits for all occasions. Men's fashion and looks in the 1920s evolved: hat, cap, gloves, glasses completed the suit worn by the gentleman. Are you more of a gentleman or a 1920s gangster? Gatsby is waiting for you at Igloofest this winter! ✨

WEEKEND #2 : 70's 🕺

The movement, hippie, disco but also punk... The 70s brought together fashion and music, making this decade an inexhaustible source of inspiration! Bell-bottom pants, long skirts, printed t-shirts, platform shoes, pop colors (orange, purple, red, etc.) and bright earthy colors (orange-brown, mustard, etc.), floral patterns, psychedelics, stripes, tye & dye, jeans... Jane Birkin, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Cher, Farrah Fawcett and Romy Schneider will be your inspirations. 🌸

WEEKEND #3 : 90's 🌈 

Velvet, platform boots, colorful hair, metallic lipsticks, leather, small glasses, sports style... It's the perfect opportunity to show us your more eccentric side, and dive back into 90s rave madness! Crop top, Dr. Martens, grunge aesthetic, corset, Clueless... The 90s left their mark on fashion forever, particularly with the rise of international pop culture. ⚡️

WEEKEND #4 : 2000's 🤑 

Ah the 2000s, the low waists, the cropped top and the navel piercings: we are diving back into what was an assumed clothing style. The pointy boots, the DIY t-shirt, the baggy style, the little “pouf” of hair at the front, the “Kanye” mesh glasses, the little rubber bracelets... Take inspiration from Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake or even 50 Cent! 🦄

For the coolest vintage outfits in town, head to Ribotti Vintage! ;)

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