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Ok. For the "Igloobling" theme you have the mandate to dazzle us. It's not complicated. Get out your bling bling because we need it shining in droves. To your notebooks. It's time to take notes because we give you some tips for a successful Igloobling look.

- First, precious metals are a must. Use gold and silver to their fullest effect. It is as beautiful on a snowsuit as on a hat, we say. The more, the better. And if you can’t afford that, there’s always good old aluminum foil to say the day. #bakedpotato

- Jewelry is next. It accessorizes and completes a look perfectly. Find your flamboyant chains, rings and earrings. Warning! Leave the inheritance jewelry your grandmother gave you back home and opt for lower value stuff. We want your quantity, not quality.

- Everything is in the details. Imagine yourself with a diamond iPhone case or even a gold-dusted lipstick. It’s very bling bling and earns you points for originality.Anyway, be sure you go to have your picture taken at the photo studio and participate in the IGLOOSWAG competition, in collaboration with Gros Blogue. Nine finalists will be chosen this weekend, and there are points for respecting the theme. Meaning more likely to fly to Jamaica via Sunwing.

Wink, wink.PS: The themes for Weekends 3 and 4 are here!

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