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“Iglooswag”: does that ring a bell? Ya know, the look and the attitude that’s tooootally in vogue every January and February during Montreal weekends? We even heard that some people participate in an Iglooswag CONTEST, presented by Videotron, at Igloofest.

That’s what we’re here to talk about. It’d be too bad if you missed out this year because there’s some CRAZY prizes up for grabs. Like, uhhhh… A TRIP TO ICELAND! Get ready though, the competition will be fierce. Here’s the plan: hit up every thrift shop in town and your auntie’s basement let your creativity run wild.

The Videotron Iglooswag contest in 10 easy steps:

1. Attend Igloofest (obviously)

2. Go to our on-site Iglooswag photo studio.

3. Get a solo photograph with your CRAZY SWAG.

4. The pics will be available in real time on our website’s Iglooswag section! YEAH.

5. Each weekend, a jury will determine five (5) finaslists, for a total of (20) finaslists at the end of the season. Each judge will rank our participants along the following criteria:

  1.     i) Originality
        ii) Accessories
        iii) Attitude, energy and « swag »
        iv) How closely they follow the weekend’s theme

6. The five (5) final finalists for each weekend will be announced the next Tuesday morning on the Igloofest Facebook page.

7. Each participant will have to check if they’re a finalist by going on our Facebook page. He or she will have to contact us before February 7th 2017 at midnight.

8. Every individual on the final photos will be identified will qualify for our final round.

The final round prizes are:

  • Twenty (20) pairs of LG Tone Active headphones (one (1) per finalist, with a value of 150$ each, for a total of 3 000$)

The finalists will also be invited to participate in our February 18th fashion show, as part of Nordikfest (you know, our free activities as part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations) to become eligible for our Grand prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize.

9. Only participants in the final fashion show, dressed in their original costumeswill be eligible for the contest’s Grand prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize.

10. The final fashion show will be judged by the sound level (in decibels) put out by the crowd in support of the finalists. The three finalists with the biggest reading on our sound level meter will win the top 3 prizes.

The Grand prize includes:

  • One (1) vacation package for two (2) people to Iceland (4000$ value)

The 2nd prize includes:

  • Fibre Hybrid Internet 120 package from Videotron + Experience TV 4K package, for 12 months (2150$ value)

The 3rd prize includes:

  • Mobile 6 Gig data package from Videotron for 12 months + LG V20 phone (1850$ value)

So come join the fun, show off your swag and come immortalize your trip to this special Montreal 375th anniversary edition of Igloofest. For full contest rules, check here. We can’t wait to see you!

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