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IGLOOBOUTIQUE | Open for business

We've all had a little (way too much) fun at Igloofest and forgot to grab our #igloomerch at the classic Iglooboutiques. It's a rite of passage; may it be 1, 2, 5, 10 years that you've been partying at Igloofest! This year, we thought we'd bring out our BEST of our archives and give you a chance redeem yourself for all the missed opportunities. Vintage gems in the house! Treat yourself, your winter warrior friends, it really does make for a great Christmas presents! 

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that we have a brand new item in our collection: SOCKS made in partnership with Robin des Bas! What's really cool about our socks is that one pair of socks is donated to the Accueil Bonneau every time you purchase a pair. ❤️❄️

Shop your igloomerch here :

- 2021 collection 🧦

- Vintage Collection

- Musts Collection 🏒

🚛 PSSSSSSSSSSST the igloomerch ordered before December 15 will be delivered free of charge on December 17-18, 2020 in Montreal area.


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