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Each week, throughout Igloofest, we’ll showcase northern life at our Nordik Village (you know, the wonderful space in front of Igloofest.) Because yes, we want you to go, but also because the installations are M-A-G-I-C-A-L! What is the Nordik Village? A slice of Nordic life as reimagined by seven Montreal design firms, each proposing an original interpretation of winter living. The results? Incredibly varied interpretations both thematically and stylistically. Beautiful, fun and surprising!

If you like smiling and fun, these three installations at the Nordik Village will fit the bill.

The Lascaux Igloo | Design par Judith Portier

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The Lascaux Igloo by Design par Judith Portier is an igloo with creativity. It’s back to the stone age! With the help of tools, you can write directly on the walls! #letloose Whether to leave a funny drawing or a love note, it’s the place for YOU homo sapiens, to leave your mark and warm up the ambiance of this prehistoric winter abode!

Team Penguin | Daily tous les jours

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The people behind Team Penguin were inspired by these arctic birds’ movements. If you didn’t know, they bunch up together and move as a group for warmth. That means they’re a giant mob that use teamwork to stay safe and enjoy winter!

Charlie the Yeti | LA CAMARADERIE

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If you haven’t met La Camaraderie’s Charlie the Yeti, you’ve got to fix that. This micro-architectural hairiness inspired by emoticons is a fun character that evolves through his visitors’ actions.

He even comes with an instruction manual:

1. Manipulate the Yeti’s features to create new emotions.

2. Move his eyes, open and close them

3. Move his eyebrows and mouth.

4. When you’ve got it right, take a selfie with him! #happy
(You can even climb inside after all of that)

So visit the village, leave your mark, dance like a penguin and get emotional! Please note that you can also vote on your favourite installation. A 2500$ prize goes to the winning team with the most votes. See you by the Igloofest entrance!

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