Feb 3, 2021

Normally, we would have hung out on the snowiest dance floor in Montreal, but instead, we are launching a contest that is 💙 warming. This contest offered by Banque Nationale allows the winner the chance to donate $2,000 to one of the organizations supported by Banque Nationale. This is our way of giving a little happiness to people in need.


➢ The opportunity to donate $2,000 to an organization of your choice.*

➢ A prepaid National Bank credit card of $500.

➢ A full igloomerch package (tuque, scarf, jersey, headband, socks).

TO PARTICIPATE 📝 Register here : https://igloofest.ca/concours 

*The $ 2,000 donation will be offered to one of the organizations supported by the National Bank

**Winner announced on February 8th at 12pm.