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Nana Zen



It’s only been a few years since Nana Zen emerged on the local scene but her looks as well as her meticulous music selection managed to gather the attention of many ‘’party goers’’ in her native Montreal. The mixing of early underground Hip Hop mixed with some curated RnB classics make Nana Zen a valuable addition to the current Montreal scene. Hinting at her diverse environment, her music choices are truly a reflection of the crowds gathered at her shows. Nana Zen is ultimately bringing the party with her as her uniques live mixes are morphing with modernity, while staying true to her alternative hip-hop subculture and rooted into her Caribbean background. Nana Zen has for mission to empower every single being that is or identify as a women. Nana Zen is one force to be reckoned with and never cease to disappoint.

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