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We depart from latin, "crescens": to grow. We build our way up to a "crescendo": a gradual rise in intensity. Through colourful builds of house sub-genres, Crescenzo accompanies his listeners on their own journey, driving them through high-energy sets full of discoveries and timely gems. Ascending pieces of deep, melodic, prog and tech house find each other in his world, to form unique dancefloor experiences.

Crescenzo began his journey 10 years ago starting with versatile gigs playing mostly Hip Hop, R&B, and top 40 classics. He's honed his craft from all these years of Djing which has led him to play in Montreal's key house and techno venues, including Stereo, StereoBar, Le Salon Daomé, Velvet, and also currently holding a residency at Newhaus.

He is clear on his goals: immerse audiences into sound, provoke vibrant reactions, embrace and explore change, and find those small details that ignite a listener's attention. He knows where to push, where to pull, where to test, and where to build and build until finally, the peak is reached and we may contemplate the moment before we start over again.

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