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Alexa Borzyk



Canadian-born, Montréal local, Alexa Borzyk expresses a purposeful and viscerally immersive sound in production and mixing driven by influences from concentrated Techno artists such as Airod, Hadone, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Montréal local Atroxx (aka Three Faces of Eve), Amelie Lens, and Underworld. Inclusively, Alexa Borzyk assets a variety of culturally significant musicians such as David Bowie, The Pixies, and Prince as impactful in her practice. As a student of the LaSalle Music Academy in Montréal, Alexa Borzyk works with the latest Ableton production methods to create a clearly distinct vibration in her tracks with additives from the diversity of pure Techno as opposed to a singular genre. From enigmatic, Berlin-ready character to the inclusion of nineties breakbeat and trance samples that validate the contemporary relevance of early electronic music, Alexa Borzyk invites an honest audience participation, offering elements of nostalgia, aggression, love, and release, in an expression of resilience.

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